A Fearsome Engine is Coming!

shapter-a-fearsome-engineThe is ‘A Fearsome Engine’ about to be launched!

Should we be in fear?


It’s a wonderfully ‘Fearsome Engine’.

A ‘Fearsome Engine’ is full of hopes, dream, fears, desires and so much more.

So, what is ‘A Fearsome Engine’?

Let me quote:

“Who is the master and who the machine?

This collection of twenty stories by the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group explores this question with horror, humour, pathos and philosophy.

Whether it be in our own place and time, far in the future, the past, or in a universe of their own making, our authors grapple with the interface between humanity and its machines.

Are the things we make ours to command? Will they always be?

And who, exactly, is making whom?

“Our relationship with technology has never been as close or as complex as it is today. Our gentle, stately progress has become, in the last two centuries, a speeding juggernaut of change – a fearsome engine, bearing us at breakneck speed we know not where.” Chris Lake”

Even more that is, it has a story by me!

Actually, it contains stories from 20 great authors. You can see the full list here.

You can come a be a part of the launch of this wonderful book. A FEARSOME ENGINE 6.30-7.30pm Friday 18 November, Sunkissed Bar & Grill

If you can’t make the launch, just pre-order the book here.

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