Two New Stories Out Soon.

writing JournalYes, your reading it right. I’ve got two stories (probably) coming out in the coming months.

First: “Bounty”, in Bards and Sages Quarterly January 2017 issue. This on is a definite. The contract has been signed. B&S is a Semiprozine and is sold in multiple formats. It publishes most types of Speculative Fiction that seeks to help people realise their inner bard. Bounty is the first story I wrote, and finished, back in 2013. It’s creation has a story of its own. One which I will share soon.

Second: “Drones”, will be in a, soon to be announced, anthology. This is still a probable in my mind as I’m still working through the story with the editor and no contract has been signed. The plan is for the anthology to be released in December, so I may be able to say more soon. It is my most recent story and was written for the anthology.

I find it really interesting that I’m about to have my newest story and my oldest story published within a month of each other. They are two very different stories and it will be good to see how people respond to them.

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